Towards the end of the year, I decided to take a rare week off with absolutely no plans other than to read, study, hang out with Melissa, and try some new coffee spots.  It was an awesome week!  I was running around Lower Manhattan one morning when it dawned on me that there was a Toby’s Estate coffee shop that had just recently opened up in the West Village.

Toby's West Willage

If you are a regular reader of our blog you’ll remember we blogged about Toby’s Estate Coffee in Brooklyn (Toby’s Brooklyn).  If you haven’t checked it out, you can read about it here.  Seeing as though I had such a good experience at the Brooklyn shop, I wasn’t surprised when I walked into Toby’s West Village.  What an amazing space!

Staring at the large menus had me mesmerized…and got me hungry.  So I decided to not rush out of the place just yet.  I ordered a breakfast sandwich along with a must-have flat white.

Tobys-126 Tobys-101 Toby's West Village

As I usually do, I began chatting with the baristas.  The barista who made me my drink was Alberg.  I got him to pose for a shot.  Sorry for putting you on the spot but you were a good sport!

Tobys-107 Tobys-108 Toby's West Village

The flat white came out beautiful and I savored every sip.  The sandwich I ordered was the “egg on a roll” which was topped off with the same espresso bacon I enjoyed from Toby’s Brooklyn.  So good!

Tobys-112 Tobys-111 Toby's West Village

The decor in this space is beautiful; it was so sophisticated with a funky flare. I just loved it.  Everything from the menu, to the labels on the milk containers to the random English Bulldog mascot they have, which I instantly became a fan of!  I was told his name was Brutus.  Interestingly enough, I used to own an English Bulldog named Brutus that looked just like this one.  I only wish he were real…I might have spent the whole day there.

Tobys-125 Tobys-101 Tobys-104

Meet Toby’s Brutus:

Toby's West Village

Meet my old bully Brutus LOL:


After devouring the breakfast and my flat white, I ended up ordering an Americano which I eventually took to go.  I know, I’m a caffeine addict LOL.

Toby's West Village

Everything here at Toby’s West Village from the staff, to the design, to the coffee was outstanding.  There’s something about the monochrome color scheme of the Toby’s Estate brand that I love.  Granted, I am very biased towards the colors grey and blue, they happen to be my favorite colors.  But oh man do they blend well in this shop with the wood grain and subtle pops of color.


If I could have, I would have stayed at Toby’s West Village all day.  I’m really happy for them as they just opened up and seem to be doing well.  I’m sure they’ll flourish here and I can only hope I’m able to get a good seat again next time I visit since I’m sure this place will always be full.  Well done Toby’s, another good one!

Tobys West Village