A proposal for the ages! Lol  As our good friend put it, “Coffee met Tea……and then put a ring on it!”

We are so thrilled to announce that as of Feb 15th, 2015 we are now engaged!!! For those of you who have been reading our stories here since the beginning, you know we’re a couple who has been together for some time now.  We started dating a few years ago and it was time to take this relationship to the next level.  I knew I wanted to marry Melissa a while ago.  It took some time, and some planning but I was finally able to pop the question.  The idea I had for the proposal made things a little more complicated than usual.  I wanted to do something special.

As you might have read here, I’m the photographer behind Coffee Meets Tea.  I’ve been a portrait photographer for some time now and have been more recently focused on Travel and Documentary style photography.  A few months back I was able to document a metal spinner in one of the warehouses here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  It was amazing.  In keeping with that theme, I’ve sought out others who work with their hands and who work in similar trades.  It dawned on me, I should find a jeweler and ask if he would mind allowing me to photo document the engagement ring being built for Melissa.  This was such an awesome idea, but it added a layer to the shopping and planning process that made things take a bit longer.  At the end of the day I was able to get this done.  Thanks to my long-time friend Adrienne, I was able to meet with a jeweler named Raffi.  Raffi is the man!  What a nice guy and outstanding jeweler!


I explained what I needed as far as the design goes and threw in that I wanted to take photos of the ring being made to use during the proposal.  Raffi thought about it and ended up allowing me to come in since Adrienne can be rather convincing lol.  I can’t thank him enough for allowing me to have such access to his facilities.  I also can’t thank Adrienne enough for making this happen!  Everything fell into place at the perfect time.  I was able to get the ring I really wanted, the perfect stone for Melissa, and was able to get the photos of her engagement ring being set and refined!  I am truly blessed that God gave me this gift to document these things and that he sent me such an awesome woman to be able to spend my days with.

Documenting the ring building process was only half the battle.  The next part of it was the proposal.  I knew early on that there would be no better place to do it than in a coffee shop.  But which one?  Many came to mind but the first one that popped into my head was Astoria Coffee, very close to where Melissa currently lives.  It’s a shop we’ve done an article on.  The owners there have alway been so nice and we have come to thoroughly enjoy their shop and their company.  I knew I didn’t want to ask her in the middle of a crowd, I wanted something intimate for the proposal.  So I contacted Dennis from Astoria coffee and we worked out a plan.  I have to stop here and just thank Dennis and Liz for being so accommodating and awesome!  Since I first reached out to them about my plan, they were totally on board and were as enthusiastic as I was.  We setup the time and date and before I knew it, the day had arrived.  Proposal time!

We threw Melissa off by telling her that Dennis wanted us to stop by Astoria after hours to discuss a photo project they were interested in doing.  This worked perfect as this is a common request we get and not far fetched by any means.  Melissa and I showed up and the shop was empty.

Melissa sat and we were told that Dennis and Liz would be right with us, that they needed to finish up in the back.  So here we were, just us two.  Perfect setting, perfect atmosphere, perfect lady sitting across from me.  I took this time to take out my iPad and ask Melissa to take a look at some new photos I had just taken (shown above).


See, what I told Melissa earlier in the week was that I had the opportunity to photo document a jeweler.  Again, not far-fetched since I often have jobs like that.  So I asked her to critique the new work.  She began sifting through the photos, not knowing she was looking at photos of her actual engagement ring being built.  When the final few photos came up, I made it so the ring started to become more obvious.  I ended the series with this photo:

Coffee Meets Tea Proposal

She looked at me with this confused, priceless look.  That’s when I asked her if she liked the ring in the photo.  Again, no answer, just the confused look.  That’s when I got up, reached in my pocket and pulled out a black box.  Pulling it out I said “…It’s yours…It’s your ring…”.  I got on one knee, pulled out the ring and popped the big question…..”Will you marry me???”.

Melissa lost it.  Confused, happy, shocked, emotional, thrilled, are the best ways to describe what I saw come out of Melissa.  Tears came down her face and I put the ring on her finger.  The rest was history!

Ring-2-2 Coffee Meets Tea Proposal Ring-6-2

That was it!  We were engaged!  Dennis and Liz surprised us with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate.  They are the best!!!



So here we were, in a coffee shop, with some good coffee and good company.  Right in our element.  It was perfect.  I caught her so off guard and it was amazing.  We are so happy and are excited for the future.  Many more awesome things to come this year!  We are so thankful for all the support and thankful to God for being with us and blessing us these last few years.  Woohoo, coffee and tea are getting married!!

Coffee Meets Tea Proposal Coffee Meets Tea Proposal CMT Proposal