Sam and I had a mini road trip ahead of us this past Friday so the coffee was much needed! Our pick was a quiet coffee shop on Driggs Ave in Greenpoint: Crema BK. We loved this shop for two reasons: it’s owned by a friendly couple and they have delicious homemade chai latte!

crema bk

Behind the counter was the friendly owner/barista Jin. He was very welcoming and easy to talk with. He mentioned the shop is fairly new in the neighborhood; it’s been open for 11 months now. In an area where there are many coffee shops to choose from, it’s their homemade chai latte that really sets them apart. After ordering an iced tea, as delicious as it was, I regretted not ordering the chai latte since it seemed to be a staple here.

crema bkcrema crema-5 crema bk

We made ourselves comfortable and were enjoying the pleasant calmness this place provides. To my surprise, Jin walked over to our table and handed me a small cup of the iced chai latte for me to taste. How thoughtful! This is the exact reason why we love supporting a local business, they show appreciation for their customers in a personal way. You can tell Jin is involved in every aspect of the coffee shop, he was very proud of it, as he should be!

crema bk

I haven’t had a chai latte in a while, especially because the last one I had was too sweet. I was relieved when I took the first sip; it was very well balanced. Not too sweet and the mix of spices harmoniously complimented each other. Crema BK sells it in large glass jars to take home (they also sell Cold Brew), I meant to grab one but forgot on the way out. I will be back for it! Pastries served here are from a local bakery, Ovenly. It was nice to see local businesses supporting each other.


One thing we loved was the cool mustaches on all of the cups. We couldn’t help but laugh every time each of us sipped our drinks. It was a small detail that made the drinks that much more enjoyable!
crema-23crema bk crema bk

The overall vibe of Crema BK was very calm and inviting. Good amount of seating for a small shop; definitely the kind of coffee shop you go to enjoy a good beverage, tune out, and get some work done.

crema bk

We LOVED this spot! If you’re in the neighborhood, you must stop by Crema BK and have some of their homemade (with love) chai latte! Satisfaction guaranteed 🙂


FYI:  The shop used to be a candy shop and it seems like the owner decided to save the awning as memorabilia. Be sure to look closely or you might just walk right past it…like we did LOL. Let us know about your experience by leaving a comment below 😉


So this is Sam now. I’m sneaking in a few more photos here that Melissa doesn’t know about. What Melissa failed to mention was we attempted to take a nice portrait of her sitting outside the shop (as we usually do). Melissa looks beautiful sipping on her chai latte and just as I finished clicking, she ended up wearing the latte! LOL Just HAD to share. Couldn’t resist…sorry babe! Haha

crema-34 crema-33