Sam and I have been wanting to plan a mini road trip for quite some time now, but with all the wedding planning we couldn’t find the time to do it.  It just so happened his younger brother was graduating from college down in Virginia. We took this opportunity to make a few stops along the way, of course, to some coffee shops.  Although we were on a tight deadline and didn’t have much time to stay long and explore, we didn’t want the opportunity to pass without at least stopping in on a few places. We mapped out our route and hit the road!

Coffee Meets Tea


Coffee Meets Tea

First stop, one of Sam’s all-time favorite roasters.  Sam’s first experience at a specialty coffee shop was a latte made with La Colombe espresso beans.  The drink was so good it’s still one of his (if not the most) favorite espresso beans.  When Sam investigated what specific beans were used in the drink, the answer was “Fishtown“.  A seasonal blend made with green grape, stone fruit, and caramel.  This was a special visit for Sam for this reason:

La Colombe Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA

La Colombe Fishtown

What can we say about this place?  It’s the flagship store, so you know it did not disappoint.  It’s a coffee shop, cafe, roastery and bakery!  Knowing everything was made fresh on premises made everything that much more enjoyable.  Everything on the food menu sounded so delicious, Sam and I made sure to keep our bellies empty on the way there.  Per usual, we ordered our coffee & tea.


FishtownFrom their breakfast menu we ordered their “Biscuits & Gravy”, it sooooo good! This is one of those meals where your mouth starts to water just by looking at it.  It was so hard waiting a minute for Sam to take pictures!  As you can see….it didn’t last long Lol.


Fishtown Collage 5

This cafe was more than we expected.  We saw pictures here and there on social media, but never realized how immense the cafe actually is.  They have a small shop up front with, of course, some freshly roasted beans and some souvenirs for us tourists!  This first stop set the bar high for the rest of our road trip, real high.

Fishtown Collage 3La Colombe Fishtown Fishtown Collage 6 DSCF5552 DSCF5526 DSCF5541 DSCF5522 DSCF5470-Edit

Second stop: Washington, DC!

First off, let me warn anyone who hasn’t been to DC…do not drive into DC during rush hour! Lol You thought NYC traffic was bad? Guess again!  Sam has been here a few times, but forgot how awful traffic can be.  After much driving around, we finally parked and made our way to a local coffee shop, Baked and Wired.  As soon as we arrived, it was obvious people were there for one thing: their cupcakes!  The line just kept getting longer and longer with people patiently waiting to get their hands on one.  Unfortunately, Sam and I are New Yorkers and don’t have much patience (Lol, just kidding!) so we opted out of the cupcakes & made the much shorter line for coffee & tea.


Baked Collage Baked and Wired

They brew Stumptown coffee, another Sam favorite.  We grabbed our to-go cups and were on our merry way to Virginia.


On the way back to New York we decided we wanted to stop by DC again, earlier this time to beat traffic.  We found a quaint, small coffee shop in the Chinatown area of DC called Chinatown Coffee Co.  This was a drive-by visit as Sam couldn’t wait to get his caffeine fix (to avoid his coffee much feared coffee headache) as so he grabbed a quick Cortado and finished it in record time lol.

DSCF5812 Chinatown Cafe

We had a nice time walking around and exploring the DC area.  Sam took a bunch of photos so he was a happy camper.  We wanted to squeeze in one more stop before getting back on the road.  And we thought, what better way to end the mini road trip than the way we started it?  Another La Colombe Shop!  This time in DC.

La Colombe Shaw, Washington D.C.

La Colombe

One thing I personally loved about this shop was its location.  It was hidden away in this cobble stone alley where it can easily be missed as a passerby.  It was like a little hidden gem.  The shop was busy, but service was quick.  Two thumbs up!

DSCF5865 La Colombe

The light pouring in from the windows made it the perfect scene for some great shots.  Sam got camera happy (as always!) and fired away!  I’m learning he could never pass up on good lighting, he has such a good eye.  I always love the shots he gets in scenes like these.  Keep it up my love!

Fishtown 2 Collage 2 DSCF5837 La Colombe

Thanks for reading!