A Tidbit on Coffee & Tea

We are newlyweds, best friends, but more importantly, avid coffee & tea drinkers exploring the coffee scene in NYC, and sometimes other cool cities. We decided to start this blog to share our coffee shop adventures with our family, friends and anyone else who fancies coffee shops.

Sam is the coffee; he is a portrait photographer based out of Brooklyn, NY, where he was born and raised. Photography is his passion, but coffee is a close second. He’s been drinking his café con leche since he was five where he would sneak the last bits of coffee that his mother would leave at the table. Needless to say, he loves coffee!

Melissa here, the tea and currently working as a nurse who found her creative outlet through photography. Although I love the coffee culture – and all things coffee related – my drink of choice is tea! I started tagging along Sam’s coffee escapades when we were dating. Sam soon had a collection of beautiful photographs from our coffee shop visits; next thing we knew, coffee meets tea was our new found hobby that we both fell in love with.

Keep stopping by to read about a different coffee spot to try in NYC. We hope you find this both informative but more importantly, FUN!